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Batalla del Vino

Prepare to do battle! \n\r\nThere will be blood... well, red wine at least! Join Topdeck in Spain for the annual Haro Wine Festival, the highlight of which is the ferociously awesome ‘Batalla Del Vino’, or Wine Battle. Our armoury on the day will consist of hugely inappropriate whites to be worn along with your 'weapon' of choice: bucket, water pistol or bottle! This festival doesn’t attract the large number of tourists as some other festivals in Spain, making it a fantastic opportunity to meet the locals. Get an authentic taste of Spain and have an absolute blast at the same time!\n\r\nWhy Topdeck\r\n\r\nCelebrate with the locals in the Rioja region for the traditional Batalla Del Vino (Wine Battle)\r\nSample the culture and nightlife of Spain’s capital city, Madrid\r\nChill out on the beaches of San Sebastian & stay in our city centre hostel\r\nStunning Salamanca, one of the best Renaissance cities in Europe\r\nModern air conditioned coach\r\nSightseeing tours of all major cities\r\n\r\n\nDon't forget to check out Topdeck's fantastic Festival Rewards for great discounts when booking festival trips!\n\r\n\nTrips which visit the Batalla del Vino\r\nWhat's it all about! \r\nIn Haro in the Rioja region of Spain, each June 29th (the feast day of St. Peter), a popular Wine Battle is celebrated on the hilltop of Riscos de Bilibio. Locals dress in the same attire as in Pamplona (all white with a red sash), bands play in the street, and people sing and dance... all while everyone drenches each other in copious amounts of red wine!\n\r\nThere is a concert in the town square the evening before the battle to get everyone in the mood. We get up early for the battle and come prepared with our red wine; the objective being to stain your fellow festival goers with as much red wine as possible. Locals arrive on tractors with music pumping and all generations represented. Amongst all the fun is a brass band who will keep playing as long as the wine is being thrown! For a truly local and memorable experience, try the Batalla del Vino - you may never look at red wine the same again!\n\r\norigin wording:\n\r\nhttps://www.topdeck.travel/destinations/europe/festivals-events/batalla-del-vino\n\r\n \n\r\n \n


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